Oral Surgery Procedures: What are your Options?

A man with jaw problemsExtreme pain and discomfort are common complaints that come with any tooth or jaw related problem. This often lowers your quality of life, hence necessitating immediate medical attention.

There are many categories of dental problems. However, only a few of these problems warrant a surgical procedure. Therefore, before booking your appointment with an oral surgery group, learn more about these dental issues.

Creating a perfect fit for dentures

Dentures are necessary for the maintenance of a proper facial structure as well as to ease eating and speaking. However, sometimes the jaw may have irregularities that make the denture lack proper support for normal functions. To correct this, an oral surgery involving bone grafting is necessary. As a result, you will get a comfortably fitting denture of your choice.

Cleft palates and cleft lips

These are birth defects that happen when the facial structure of a fetus does not completely develop. This results in splits or openings on the mouth roof of the baby, on the upper side of the lip, or both. Usually, a series of oral surgeries help in the restoration of normal function and facial appearance with minimal to no scarring.

Sometimes, teeth fail to emerge from the gums into the mouth as expected. Instead, they get impactedby the jaw and the gum. As a result, you may develop dental problems such as tissue infections on the surrounding and adjacent teeth in your mouth, as well as teeth crowding. In worse cases, they result to complete misalignment of your teeth. This calls for surgery to remove the impacted teeth for you to preserve the health of your mouth.

Oral surgery is not only safe, but also effective in treating a series of dental and facial problems. However, for a quick recovery, always talk to your maxillofacial surgeon to guide you before, during and after the procedure.