Important Post-Operative Procedures After a Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in OgdenIn a bid to keep a youthful look, plenty of folks in Ogden are performing cosmetic procedures on their nose, eyes, chin and neck. While such cosmetic surgery guarantees a more youthful look, the post care procedures are often ignored. A quick recovery depends on how well the patient takes care of the skin after a cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon gives after-care instructions during the consultation. Naturally, patients develop swelling around the area, but if the patient doesn’t follow the appropriate steps complications like incisions re-opening, infections and increased swelling may occur. shares some important post-operative tips for a quick and easy recovery.

Prop your head up for a speedy recovery.

A plastic surgeon recommends keeping your head up not only when you sleep but also when sitting back in a chair. An elevated position reduces the pressure placed on the area as it heals. Additionally, it ensures the blood flows from the treatment area thus reducing swelling.

Keep away from heat.

After a cosmetic surgery, patients should stay out of the heat for up to six weeks. Thus, if the procedure has been performed during summer, patients should remain indoors until they heal. Heat unlike cold accelerates blood flow to the area leading to increased swelling.

Take plenty of rest and fluids. 

Healing is a natural process that the body has to do on its own; patients can only create an appropriate environment to ensure speedy healing. Additionally, patients should prepare their minds months before the surgery so that they can get the most out of the post-operative time. Fluids and a balanced diet supply the body with important nutrients the body requires to mend quickly.

Be realistic with your expectations. 

Patients perform cosmetic surgery in a bid to change their appearance. However, a perceived improvement isn’t always perfection. Patients should be careful not to have unrealistic expectations; they should prepare their minds for disappointments.

Apart from those highlighted above, patients should follow all the post-operative instructions highlighted by the doctor during the consultation.