Fun: The Secret Ingredient in Designing Your Dessert Shop

dessert bars

dessert barsWhat makes a business irresistible? There are specific factors at play, such as the price of the products and the taste, if you’re selling food. Satisfaction also plays a part in whether a customer will come back or not.

If you’re planning to start a desserts shop in Tampa, design around customers having fun. Here’s what you should do to increase your chances of success:

Highlight Your Best

The window displays of a clothes shop will have a unique style or showcase their best design. For a cupcake shop, the rules are different. You can show a pyramid of cupcakes balanced on cake trays, but choose those that display your skills. If you’re selling cakes, get the best designs out there, and hire someone to fix the commercial lighting to give your bestsellers just the right glow they need.

Draw Attention to Your Store

Whether it’s those big red signs or a banner outside your door that says you’re offering a special deal, you’ll get attention if you put the message out there. You can also give away flyers and have another signage a few meters away from the actual store, so those walking along the street will know which store to watch out for. You can also have a handy arrow pointing in the direction of your shop to guide customers along.

Go with a Fun Theme

Dessert shops sell something fun and possibly sweet. Don’t betray your products by designing the shop in the least exciting idea you can think of. Go for fun and bold colors–something that will work with the desserts you’re offering. You can also go with a design inspired by your favorite story, such as The Little Mermaid or even Alice in Wonderland. The children will love it, and even their parents will want to see the young ones surrounded by cute backdrops.

Your business should attract attention, and for a dessert shop, you want to encourage people to have fun. The design of your store should reflect that.