Common Types of Oral Surgeries

Young man undergoing dental proceduresMany conditions could lead to oral surgery and other clinical procedures. Although many people opt for other dental procedures to address their issues, oral surgery is used to treat complicated issues which cannot be addressed by other dental treatment procedures. Below is a list of oral surgeries that dentists often recommend to their clients.

Jaw surgery

Some conditions cause your jaws to misalign. This condition is likely to interfere with your daily activities like eating, laughing or even talking. Additionally, this condition can even affect your general appearance. Fortunately, a jaw surgery can help to restore normality to people with such challenges.

Dental implants

A dental implant is the most convenient way of handling a tooth loss. This surgery involves placing an implant in your jaw that will be used to hold artificial teeth that will replace the original teeth. A dental implant is an important surgery to people seeking to have a long term solution for tooth loss. Also, dental implant surgery can be used to handle other issues like broken teeth.

Impacted tooth surgery

This surgery is mainly performed to handle impacted wisdom teeth. Typically, wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to erupt. In most cases, these teeth cause issues as they develop because they tend to crowd the molars are not properly aligned. This makes it difficult for them to penetrate through the gum. At times the pain arising from these impacted teeth is unbearable, and it can cause severe pain and even infection. However, you can mitigate the situation if you visit your dentist for an impacted tooth surgery.

Visiting oral surgery clinics is vital. This will ensure that your oral health is maintained. Additionally, apart from addressing the evident issues, developing problems can also be identified and addressed in real time.