Myths and Truths: Are Home Sidings Only for Aesthetics?

Home SidingsInstalling a new siding for your home may easily become subject to dismissal because the common notion is that: it’s not needed. When you consider the facts that come along with a correctly installed siding, however, you’ll realize it’s an essential element that every home needs.

And this is why Craftsmen Home Improvements, Inc. advises that you should also look into the functional side of sidings. With the right kind of siding and cladding material installed, there’s a mountain of benefits that you’re better off having than not. This includes prevention of water damage, decay, and even pest and rodent infestations.

For a clearer view on the necessity of sidings, below is a list of myths and truths you must know.

Aesthetic Myths

Many homeowners don’t feel that they need a siding because as many realtors say, they just add accent to a house. But, you have to understand that realtors aren’t builders so they can’t really explain to you the full benefits of a siding other than their perspective. Typically, home sidings are wrongfully considered just as:

  • Monotonous design profiles that only give a boost on the upper part of the property – there’s actually hundreds of color profiles and textures to choose from.
  • Functionless additives – home sidings actually fend off long-term water damage and provide insulation to your home.
  • Expensive real estate traps – there are plenty of affordable options and plans available to help you raise the comfort and value of your home.

Verifiable Truths

Most of the questions about home sidings revolve around the cost and the possibility of manually building it yourself. So, to finally set things clear, here’s every fact you should know about sidings:

  • Sidings are OK to install by yourself, but it’s only advised if you have experienced doing so before.
  • As long as you’re using the best-recommended materials, going on a tight budget for the construction is fine.
  • All sidings can, indeed, stand up to any weather condition. But, of course, it has to be properly and strategically installed.

Home sidings are created to add sustainability to homes. For most builders, the siding is a critical part of the house and the aesthetic value is only a bonus that comes along.