Straighten Your Teeth Without Others Noticing You Got Braces

Teeth With BracesMost people in the United Kingdom, whether children, teenagers, or adults, need orthodontic treatment or service. The reason for this is the prevalence of malocclusion, conditions involving the misalignment of the teeth and the jaw. Some can have Class 1 malocclusion, the most common but minor type, while others may suffer from the more serious Class 2 (overbite) or Class 3 (underbite) malocclusion.

Here in the UK, a dentist experienced in the placement of Invisalign can have your malocclusion treated without having to worry about changes in your facial appearance (a problem associated with traditional braces). In addition, it can also help with the following.

Structural problems with the jaw that can cause pain.

Crooked or misaligned teeth require correction because they pose the risk of structurally impairing the jaw, which can also bring about discomfort and cause pain. Leave it untreated, and you can develop issues when it comes to eating and speaking, not to mention unpleasant alterations with your facial structure.

Premature wear and tear of the teeth.

Because malocclusions can put more stress in certain areas of your teeth and jaw, your teeth may wear and tear faster, leading to damages such as chipping and cracking. Also, people with this type of oral problems find it harder to clean and maintain their teeth and gums, resulting in early decay and even gum disease and infection.

Poor oral health that diminishes the overall quality of life.

When you have teeth alignment problems and jaw structural issues, you can expect to suffer from poor oral health. This can cause you to experience a diminished quality of life.

It is important for these individuals to have their teeth and jaw alignment problems corrected, as they can have severe long-term effects. An improper bite can hinder a person’s speaking, chewing, and biting abilities, resulting in an overall lower quality of life.