The Power Of Mind Over Matter In Spas

A Spa Pool in New Zealand

A Spa Pool in New ZealandTry and picture a spa in your head. How do you feel? You’re likely to feel relaxed. It’s the ambiance with basically every wellness center in existence. But, have you ever wondered why you feel that way? It’s because of your mind that’s making you feel like so. Call it “mind over matter.”

The Power of the Mind

Spending time in outdoor spa pools, like the ones from Acacia Pools, have a specific effect on people. It facilitates a release of toxins in the body. It also helps improve circulation. This is what makes it so relaxing. But, know that the physical intervention, as well as all the stimuli from the spa sends up signals to your brain, and they make the brain work. This is where the concept of Power of Intention comes in.

What’s the Power of Intention? When you spend some time in a spa, all the benefits you reap starts from your desire to feel well. If you take steps for your own well-being, you feel the positive effects from that desire. This is also known as the placebo effect.

It’s easy to understand how the placebo effect works. Give somebody a pill that has little to no health effect, tell him that it helps alleviate the symptoms of his condition, and it’ll work. Among the most well-know applications of the placebo effect is with depression patients. People given placebo report improvements in their symptoms, even when they know they’re taking something that doesn’t contain actual medicine.

Thirty-five people with major depression were enrolled in a study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health in the U.S. The study’s participants reported significant decreases in their symptoms after taking placebo treatment. Researchers claim that the reduction in symptoms are linked to increased brain activity, especially in the regions of the brain that control emotion and stress regulation.

Even physicians recognise the power of this healing effect. They recognise the value of it as an aid for real healing. Should you decide to go spend time in a spa, know that the statements “soothing the mind and soul” have a scientific backing to it.