Vertical Gardening: Creating a Babylon of Your Own


GardenKing Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon commissioned the building of the Hanging Gardens. Simple in name, this piece of green architecture is an Ancient Wonder of the World, but it was one of the first to succumb to ruin, and many people were not able to gaze at its majesty. Nowadays, you do not have to be a nobility to create such a thing. In your own yard, you can make anything you want.

Vertical gardening is all the rage nowadays, as experts see its existence as some sort of a lifesaver. The need for greeneries in metropolises is evident, and this is the only way they can occupy the space they need without using too much land. Nevertheless, it is applicable in small situations, i.e. your garden. To learn the craft, Longacres Garden Centre says all you have to do is persist just like when you were still learning the basics of gardening.

Here are some ideas to create your own Babylon:

Two Chains

Be prepared to deal with chains when dealing with vertical garden. Hanging pots provide the easiest way to create a floating garden. We reckon it is just like pots on the ground. In the end, all of it needs holds plants excellently.

Crates and Boxes

To make crates and boxes work for your vertical garden, you just need stable platforms to lay them upon. Both are low-cost to procure and make, and only requires a small effort to finish.

The Walls are Your Friend

If you have many ornamentals already, try growing mosses on walls. This way, you will have actual greenery on your wall and it is a fantastic sight. Additionally, if pitch-type plants are not your preference, you can always plant climbers.

Repurposing a Wardrobe

Your old wardrobe that has been sitting around for years can be a perfect setting for vertical gardening. Furthermore, it can stay inside the house because the plants would grow tidily inside it. Greens inside the house mean one thing: purified air.

Making vertical gardens work for your situation have ways a-plenty, without requiring much space. Just as long as you have an upright surface, your very own Hanging Gardens of Babylon is possible.