Empathy is the Secret to a Successful Brick and Mortar Retail Business

Girl sales personnel providing good service to a customerThere is a so-called “mall apocalypse” in America today. It refers to the closing of large regional malls because of their drastically reduced foot traffic and sales that keep them from being as profitable as they used to. This phenomenon is due to the rise of e-commerce businesses. According to analysts, however, there are still aspects that brick and mortar businesses can do better than online stores and businesses: fostering relationships. How exactly do you achieve this, though?

A Feeling of Community

The feel of familiarity when walking in a store can go a long way, especially if you’re a shop selling handmade goods with a unique story or if you’re already a regular customer of a neighborhood business. This sense of community is just something that online retailers cannot establish.

A Fun Experience Throughout

Customers today have a different attitude towards buying. When walking into your store, they will usually look at their phones to compare your products or services to what your competitors are offering. It is vital, therefore, to offer a happy experience, so it gives them a reason to choose your product instead of the competition or simply buying what they want online. Thefriedmangroup.com is active in helping businesses achieve just that. Their courses teach managers how to lead and cultivate a genuine sales and service culture.

A Matter of Empathy

Brick and mortar retail stores simply can’t afford to provide bad customer service. Their employees should always be proactive in assisting customers and finding solutions to their concerns and problems. If a store’s employees don’t care, or even project their bad days onto customers, it gives shoppers no reason to build a lasting relationship with the store.

Human interaction and connection are what sets brick and mortar businesses apart from e-commerce stores. Make sure to provide each customer that walks in your store genuine service, and you’ll reap the benefits later.