The Famous Maze House of Australia

Three wooden door with intricate carving designsWe all want a nice-looking door for our homes. And because we want to maximise the available space, we look for the best interior design and space-saving furniture and appliances.

When it comes to an ideal interior design that makes a room look more spacious, would agree that the Maze House could be one of your inspirations.

Just ten minutes from Daylesford, the Maze House in Newlyn North, Victoria, Australia takes your overnight accommodation to the next level. While some hotels or bed-and-breakfast offer a mere stay, this establishment offers a character-filled house with a hedge maze, superior food and a relaxing ornamental design.

At an affordable rate, it can house at least 10 people, making it ideal for family gatherings and reunions. Read on to learn more about this accommodation property.

Great View, Great Stay

The Maze House has a garden open to public where you can enjoy coffee and cakes from 10am to 5pm every day. You can invite your friends to eat and drink in the café during these hours, and then enjoy the amenities of the house after 5pm.

The house offers a great view of the Australian countryside whilst having an intricately polished interior design. It has four bedrooms with custom size interior doors and will make you feel at home due to its warm and inviting ambience.

A Nostalgic Experience

There will be no additional charge for extra people (exceeding 10), but the beds are fixed at ten. The Maze House offers a country carnival feel and can trigger the inner nostalgia from you childhood. The primary attraction is the hedge maze, set in a beautiful five-acre garden, where you and your children can have fun.

It features a creek, a vegetable garden, and an orchard. The kitchen is also complete with all the utensils you will need for a delicious meal. An additional feature of the house is the fireplace, which can keep you warm during your stay.

If you ever happen to visit Victoria, be sure to drop by this amazing house. During your stay, you can get ideas on how you can approach your interior design and choose space-saving features for your home.