Important Reasons Why You Must Shred Business Documents

Office files kept on a boxThere are tons of sensitive information generated daily within businesses. Regardless of how increasingly digital the world is becoming, there is still a bulk of data we need to print out. These may include travel information, payroll records, reports, faxes, photocopies and customer lists. Here’s a catch: we may need to destroy some of them after some time. Why, you ask? Here are three main reasons why businesses need paper shredding services.

1. To Avoid Identity Theft

In the year 2012, nearly 17 million Americans became victims of identity theft. This report affirmed the need to shred even minor documents. These may seem to have irrelevant information at first. For identity thieves, it only takes getting bulk records and piecing up information. To that regard, shredding your documents could ensure your and your business’ safety.

2. To Protect Your Employees and Customers

People have a right to privacy. Some operations within your business may involve sharing private information. This includes:

  • Credit card information
  • Time cards
  • Social security cards
  • National identification cards
  • Residential addresses

Think of the harm that such information could do if they end up in the wrong hands. You owe it to the people that associate with your business to shred all important documents. That is, after you need them, of course.

3. Legal Reasons

There is legislation that revolves around information security and privacy. Because of the risks involved in exposing personal data, the law is both rigorous about this. You risk paying large penalties if you endanger customers’ personal and confidential information. In such a case, you could face a lawsuit for mismanagement of customer information.

It is common sense to get rid of bank statements, employee records, traveling documents and voided checks efficiently. Simply find a proficient service provider on which you could rely. Preferably, focus the search on providers that you could depend on in the long term.