Professional Grade vs At-Home Chemical Peels: Are They Really Different?

a woman with a collagen mask near her faceThe effects of chemical peels can be anything from softer, plumped up and brighter skin to skin that’s as smooth as it was twenty years ago.

Chemical peels are extremely popular worldwide and are among the most sought-after nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. There are many ways you can get a chemical peel in Utah; you can get one at home or a specialist’s clinic. To help you determine which type is best for you, consider the following information.

At-Home Chemical Peels

Although these chemical peels can make your skin smoother and brighter, don’t expect the same results that a professional grade peel could provide. These chemical peels are more affordable simply because they’re less potent. At-home chemical peels typically use glycolic acids, lactic acids (AHAs) and salicylic acids (BHAs). Be warned, however, that peels with 50% or more acid content could lead to chemical burns, and later significant scarring, particularly for women of color. Choose a peel with lower acid concentration, and preferably one that matches your particular skin tone. Also, avoid going above or beyond the recommended wait times to minimize adverse effects.

Professional Grade Chemical Peels

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists offer chemical peels using medical-grade acids at varying concentrations. These peels are best if you want a deeper peel that could take several years off your face. Your doctor will consider your skin health, and what treatments would reduce your risk of adverse effects such as burns, scarring, infections, or hyperpigmentation. Recovery time is also longer for deeper peels, though the effects of professional grade peels could last up to 15 to 20 years, as long as you properly care for your skin post-peel.

Main Takeaways

When choosing which peel is right for you, the cost is an important consideration, but don’t neglect to consider the effectiveness and potential complications. Minimize the occurrence of undesired effects by booking your appointment with a trusted expert.