Root Canal Treatment: Debunking the Myth

root canal being checkedThe thought of having root canal treatment often makes people fearful or uneasy. But most of the anxious individuals aren’t familiar with the procedure.

Due to the fear, some people with badly damaged or infected teeth avoid endodontic treatment. They say they prefer tooth extraction to root canals. But is it better to extract a tooth than to have root canal treatment?

1. Nothing beats saving your natural teeth

Nothing can look, feel or function exactly like your natural choppers. If it’s possible to keep your natural teeth, keeping them is then the best option. Endodontic treatment has a high success rate and most treated choppers last a lifetime.

2. Endodontic treatment is quick and doesn’t disturb neighboring teeth

Root canal treatment can be completed in about one to two dental appointments. Conversely, teeth replacement options take more time in treatment. Options such as bridges may also disturb neighboring choppers and supporting tissue. By saving your natural teeth, your Payson dentist can help safeguard your natural smile and your overall health.

3. Myth of painful root canals

Endodontic treatment has many advantages over tooth extraction. Still, the procedure is not painful. Modern medical technology and anesthetics have made it possible for root canals to be treated quickly and comfortably.

Root canal treatment is typically carried out under local anesthetic. If your tooth is no longer sensitive, there may even be no need to use an anesthetic. However, your endodontist may still use special local anesthetic techniques if you’re anxious. Dental professionals are experts in pain management and will go all the way to reassure nervous patients.

Modern endodontic treatment is a quick, comfortable way to relieve pain and save damaged or diseased natural teeth. Today, root canal treatment is much similar to a routine tooth filling. Endodontic treatment is also relatively painless but effective. There is, therefore, no need to be anxious if your Payson dentist recommends a root canal procedure.