Writers: What Should You Do on Your Day Off?


writerWhether or not you believe in writer’s block, you cannot deny the days when you have difficulty writing. When that difficulty lasts longer than usual, the best course of action may not be to force the words out and mistake it for discipline. There are times in a writer’s life when you need to put down the pen, rest and enjoy a day off.

Below, SnowScene shares some ideas on how you can recapture your writing spirit:

Mingle With Your Kind

Spending time with other writers benefits you, whether it’s as simple as gathering in a cafe or as luxurious as going on a retreat through ski holiday packages. If a week overseas spent with people who share your strange quirks and rituals makes you feel better, don’t deprive yourself of that comfort. The support of other writers may be exactly what you need to get back on your feet.

Be Creative in Your Research

Writers often use research as an excuse to do strange things or try expensive services. As long as this research borders on practical when it comes to safety and finances, using that same excuse to explore the world might be for your better good.

Let your adventures in researching be as free as your imagination. Dress up as your original fictional character or visit a place where a scene happens; interview professors or reliable sources in person to get a new perspective on your chosen topic.

This strategy works especially for those plagued by the notion of not writing. Resorting to this may not be the same as putting pen to paper, but it should suffice on your days off.

Rearrange Your Workspace

Your workspace plays a vital role in your efficiency and productivity. Consider rearranging your workplace or replacing one object for another. Bigger desks, wider pencil holders and multi-coloured items may help refresh your mind. Apply whatever changes you deem necessary to accommodate your emotional, mental and physical needs as a writer and consider it an investment. After all, you won’t have time to do so once you get back into the writing groove.

Writers need a day off – even a leave – from their craft like most workers do. Find what form of rest works for you while you allow your imagination to regain its vigour.

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