When is it Time to Call a Family Lawyer?

Couple discussing their child custody with a family lawyer

Couple discussing their child custody with a family lawyerFamily law is sometimes seen as a less serious side of law practice. However, given how violent and bloody family matters can get, it should be given more respect and admiration. In Marysville, Washington, family attorneys are busy with cases involving educational rights, adopting a child, hiring a nanny, or establishing a home business. A lot of people don’t realize it but family law encompasses a lot of issues and can help solve plenty of everyday problems. You just need to approach the right team before the situation gets out of hand. Here are two more scenarios where a family attorney can be of help:

Preparing a Will

A Last Will and Testament isn’t only for a person who is terminally ill or elderly. Parents can set up wills for their children to ensure that their money and property goes to them in case of any eventuality. A family attorney will help walk you through the legalities of setting up this kind of document. Also, a lawyer can also help you establish a medical directive and grant authority to make medical decisions on your behalf to an assigned person. This is especially important if you have young children and your spouse is no longer around. The medical directive can be assigned to your parents, sibling, or eldest child if he or she is already of age.

Protection from Abuse

Abuse comes in many shapes and forms. The family home is a breeding ground for various types of abuse – be it physical, sexual, emotional and financial. A family attorney can help stop before it gets any worse. If the abuse is physical, concerned parties can step in and file a restraining order against the person initiating the violence. Unfortunately, in most cases, the abuser is a parent or a member of the family. In this case, the state steps in and files a case against him or her. A family lawyer can then make sure that the restraining order is carried out.

Family attorneys do more than handle just divorce cases and paternity suits. They are here to help with various problems and issues which may arise.