What You Need to Know About Senior Care

a senior coupleAs the years go by, you notice changes in your daily routine. What may have taken you a while to do now takes you several minutes to accomplish. Also, you seem to tire more often. While your grown-up kids come by your Westford home to help out, you feel you need more assistance.

But you don’t want to rely too much on your children. They have families of their own now. Fortunately, there is an option to staying in a senior care facility: in-home care for seniors in Westford.

What is In-Home Care for Seniors?

Home care is healthcare and personal care for seniors in-home. In other words, you’ll receive the support and aid you need to meet your health and safety requirements without living in a facility. You retain your independence and have access to professional caregivers.

With this type of senior care, you prevent, to a certain extent, the psychological effects of aging because the familiarity of your surroundings gives you security and peace of mind. Familiarity is especially crucial if you’re recovering from an injury.

When are the Types of Senior Home Care?

Not all in-home care services are the same. The type of care you receive will depend on your needs. Some services offer licensed medical professional care, with nurses, physical therapists, and physicians. Other services provide non-medical professional caregivers like home health aides, companions, and personal care attendants.

If you only need help with daily activities, typical medication, housekeeping, and the like, you can get non-medical caregivers. But a diagnosis of critical illness will call for medical professionals. Seniors with symptoms of dementia especially need 24-hour care because hallucinations, memory loss, slow and unbalanced movements create hazardous situations.

Old age comes with conditions that require help outside of your family. Consider in-home care as one option to maintain your independence without sacrificing your need for assistance.