Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer!

Beat the Heat This Summer

Beat the Heat This Summer in PerthThe dog days are coming — that means, the air will be very humid all around. During summer, it’s a given fact that the city of Perth can be very unforgiving with its rising degrees. The dry season can be fun, as it gives you an excuse to freely go out and about. However, the heat can still take a toll on most people — especially with the effects of global warming.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your cool even when the air in Perth is shimmering with heat. Here are some of them:

Swim With Your Mates

Summer is the perfect reason to go out and take a dip with your mates! Head on over to Perth’s — and even the rest of Australia’s — famous beaches such as Cottesloe and Bondi. It’s the best way to beat the heat while enjoying the company of friends.

Stay Indoors

It’s always been said that when the weather is too extreme, it’s better to just stay indoors. When it’s too hot, avoid going out as much as possible. This will even be more effective if your house is well-ventilated and insulated. If you have a two-storey home, it’s better to just stay downstairs since heat rises.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Nothing beats drinking water when you’re too parched from the heat. During the season, see to it to have ice cubes at all times so you have the option of having a cold drink. You can even keep yourself hydrated by eating fresh fruits. Better yet, combine both ways and treat yourself with a fruit shake! Do stay away from alcohol and caffeine though — those will just make you feel more dehydrated.

Dress Light

The way you dress can help you combat the weather. There’s a reason clothes for summer are usually light — to keep yourself cool. Choose light-coloured clothing as well, since dark ones just absorb the heat more. Take note of getting yourself sunscreen and other items to help you combat the heat such as caps, hats, and umbrellas.

It’s all about being creative in coping with the summer season. If all else fails, you can always switch your air conditioning system on.