Quick Workouts You Can Do At Home

Quick Workouts

Quick WorkoutsGetting in shape can improve your life expectancy and overall well-being. Starting out a new exercise routine can be hard for a newbie, especially if you’re  out of shape. To help you get started, here are some quick workouts for beginners. These exercises are simple, don’t need any complex equipment and can be performed easily in your home.

The Table Position

Kneel on the floor with your hand resting on the floor. Maintain a straight or flat posture. Push your belly out and inhale simultaneously, and pull your stomach in while exhaling. Repeat it for one minute.

The Super Plank

When it comes to tummy exercise, planking will never go out of style. Lie on the floor (facing down), extend your legs, support your body with your forearms, and gradually push up your torso and legs. Keep your knees or tummy from touching the floor.

Hold the position for 25 seconds or more and increase your time gradually. Rest twice a week for your muscles to recover. At first you’re going to feel extreme pain in your abdomen, but you’re going to get used to it after a week or two.

The Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are the perfect exercise equipment that can burn body fat, build muscles and boost power, if you use them regularly. Trainers from QLDkettlebells.com.au mention workout programs and trainings for small groups as some of your options to get better and stronger.

The Cardio Workout

According to studies in Duke University, aerobic exercise is one of the most effective workouts when it comes to burning fats. It burns 67% more calories and visceral fats deep inside the belly than other cardio workouts. Many full-time mothers love to do aerobic exercise since they can simply do it at home.

You need to put in some time and effort to see positive results on your body. These exercises will show good results after two to three weeks of dedicated workout. Maintain these routines regularly to feel lighter, stronger, energetic, focused and, most of all, healthy.