Burglar Proof Your Garage

White garage doorMost homeowners pay attention to their windows, front doors, back doors but end up overlooking the garage door. Thieves will use any entry point to get into the house. If you have anything of value in the garage or if the garage is attached to your home, you need to burglar-proof it to keep trespassers out.

Lock reinforcer

When installing garage doors in Salt Lake City, ask professionals like Price’s Guaranteed Doors to install a metal lock reinforcer. Installing and reinforcing a quality dead bolt and hinges will prevent the door from splitting. An ANSI grade 1 or 2 rating lock is proven to provide above-average security. But remember, even the best dead bolt that lacks reinforcing won’t prevent burglars.


It’s not uncommon for people to forget to close garage doors. Sticking a door sensor on the door and setting a monitor will alert you anytime you leave the door open. A monitor will be able to alert you whether your door is open or closed. Monitors that have in-built sensors are a better option since with just a click on their button; you can close the door remotely.  On this note, automatic garage doors are more secure since they close regardless of whether you’re home or not.

Lock the track

You can reinforce your garage doors security by installing a lockable latch. Especially if your garage is attached to the house, unplugging the opener is not enough. If the garage is connected to the house, a burglar who finds their way into your house can quickly open the garage door from inside.  In such an occurrence, loading things and speeding off through the garage will be a much easier for the burglar.

At the core when securing your garage doors or any other parts of the home, is or make the thief’s job more difficult.