Three Glass Staircase Ideas to Transform Your Property

Glass Stair

Glass Staircases Staircases are a major design element in any property. Changing their look and feel can drastically improve your interior design. If you want to make your home or store look more modern, for instance, you will never go wrong with a glass staircase.

Here are some excellent ideas on turning your stairwell into a focal point through the use of glass.

Floating Glass Steps

Glass is such a versatile material. Other than using it as balustrades for wooden stairs, you can also use it as the steps of an all-glass staircase. Such stairs use panels of thick tempered glass as steps installed directly on the walls, achieving a floating effect. It also has glass railing and stinger to provide additional support and safety.

Curved or Spiral Stairwell

Glass can also be tailored to almost every design you can think of. Manufacturers of glass balustrades can customise them into many shapes and sizes. A spiral glass stairwell, for instance, is a popular option among property owners that want to make a statement through its steps. Cure staircases not only lend a modern appeal to an interior, but also makes a smart option in areas where you don’t want to obstruct light or view.

Glass-Hardwood Staircase

Glass go well with many materials and wood is one good example. Dark hardwood steps with glass balustrades can be an instant favourite spot in your home. Unlike any other types of balustrades or railings, glass will not block the view of your expensive timber steps. You can also choose from etched designs or tinted panels to make the area even more interesting.

Contractors specialising in architectural staircases offer a wide variety of options for your properties. They can provide you with everything from simple designs for homes to luxurious styles for malls and restaurants.

Work with a contractor offering an all-inclusive service. Look for one that does design and certification to fabrication and construction. Make sure the company is certified by the government and regulating bodies to ensure you’re working with qualified contractors.