4 Ways to Make Customer Reviews More Positive and Effective

SEO in Australia

SEO in AustraliaMore and more people are relying on what other online users have to say about businesses they’re curious about. They check out third party listing sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato and such to read customer reviews. These help them see what other people who have first-hand experience have to stay about various businesses. Here are some things you should monitor about your reviews.


The more reviews your business have, the better. For local businesses, 10 reviews is a good amount for people to start noticing you. The quickness and frequency of reviews coming in for your business are also important. If it’s been a while since your last user review, people may think it isn’t reliable anymore. But, Google may find it fishy if reviews for your business come too fast.


The more websites that have user reviews for your stores, the more reputable you become. This includes both Google-owned and independent third-party sites. This is also important since Google doesn’t consider these customer review sites as equals. The more credible the site is, the more effect it has on search engine results.

Authority Reviewers

Authority reviewers are people who are also called online influencers. This means they have a great online presence so their opinions matter to a huge number of people. In fact, even Yelp gives authority reviewers more chances of getting their reviews promoted and hides the reviews of users who don’t have a minimum of five reviews yet.

Relation to the Industry

Just like backlinks, Google recognises customer reviews if they are published on websites related to your business and industry. If you’re working with an SEO agency Perth companies highly recommend, tell them to intentionally search for listing sites that are relevant to your industry.

Build a better online presence and reputation by encouraging your loyal customers to write positive reviews about your business on these third-party listing sites. By doing this, other people will know that your establishment is definitely worth a visit.