Sudden Rise in Your Water Bill? It’s a Telling Sign of a Leak

water leak

water leakSudden jumps in the water bills of San Diego residents are very common. However, this does not mean that they should just go with it and pay the bill. In most cases, these unexplainable increases are caused by problems with the plumbing system, particularly leaks.

So as soon as you can, investigate your home to look for these culprits.

Determining Hidden Leaks

Once you have confirmed the possibility of a leak, you can further investigate to find where exactly the problem is. San Diego plumbers recommend giving the following areas an inspection, as these are where out-of-sight leaks can occur:

  1. Outdoor leaks. The pipes under your lawn or garden can be the cause of the sudden rise in your water bills. Leaks in this area usually exhibit themselves in the form of muddy spots despite dry weather, darker areas of soil, and patches of livelier, healthier grass or plants.
  1. Other hidden leaks. Crawlspaces, walls, and slabs are other areas where part of the plumbing system has become leaky. Since these are places you cannot gain easy access to, check instead for any of the following: cracking or peeling paint, moist wallpaper, and spots of mold growth.

Of course, aside from these, you should also be on the lookout for dripping faucets and showers, as well as continuously running toilets.

Hiring Professional Plumbers for Fast Detection and Repairs of Leaks

Since hidden leaks are inaccessible to regular homeowners, working with qualified professionals is the smartest decision. Professional plumbing contractors have the right equipment – some of which are not available to ordinary consumers – that allow them to quickly and efficiently detect leaks underground and inside walls, making it easier for them to repair these problems and get your plumbing system and water bill back to a healthy, leak-free state.

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