Steps of Starting a Great Career in Education

An instructor teaching a classThey say teaching ignites the fire that fuels a child’s thirst for knowledge. It produces countless professionals — doctors, engineers, and leaders. Reports state that the shortage of teachers affects the education system in the U.K.

John Swinney, the deputy first minister, and education said that the government is coming up with programmes to encourage people to consider teaching as a profession. In London, there are education recruitment agencies to help applicants land their dream jobs. Are you an aspiring educator yourself? Here are ways to jumpstart a long and great teaching career.

1. Learn the ropes of teaching

You could visit a school nearby and ask if you can observe their best education practices. It will also be great if you can volunteer yourself as a classroom assistant. Education students have 15 days to observe and build experience in teaching as they assist teachers.

2. Pursue training opportunities

Once you get yourself immersed in the teaching environment and you know that you have the passion for doing it, the next step is to qualify for a professional teacher status. This will give you a chance to teach in public schools as your training.

3. Acquire certifications

Having a long list of completed training and credentials will be good for your CV. Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) is a seminar that spans several weeks. Workshops and hands-on training can be an option as well.

4. Get onboard

After completing training requirements and building a good CV, it’s time to get started with your job hunt. Education recruitment agencies will make ways to work in your favour.

They say it takes a big heart and great effort to shape young minds. You have the heart. Now, work on your efforts — double it; triple it. Nothing worth it comes easy.