Braces: It’s All About the Front Teeth

a woman with good-looking front teethWhen it comes to braces, there’s been a bit of a quiet, discreet revolution going on. Most people may not have heard about it, or noticed it, and this is because, while there are many benefits to wearing braces in Farnham, teeth straightening is the kind of thing that most adults prefer not to boast about. They just want to quietly get on with having fast anterior alignment, as those in the dental profession like to call teeth straightening of the front teeth.

The way to find out about discreet, but fast, teeth straightening is to book a consultation with a dentist who has a special area of focus on braces in Farnham. Some, such as Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic, give free consultations. Teeth straightening these days is very much by brand, and each brand offers something different. There is a brand to suit every budget, every lifestyle, every alignment issue.

Some options to consider

For example, Cfast braces in Farnham is a discreet system that uses clear brackets strung through with tooth-coloured, nickel titanium wire. The brand name implies speed, and these fixed braces use gentle pressure to align teeth in only six to nine months. Cfast braces are great for fixing severe crowding, gummy smiles and protruding teeth. Patients do need to have a retainer bonded to the back of their teeth afterwards, to hold them in place while they settle into their new positions.

If patients only want to get their very front teeth straightened, then the Inman Aligner has a lot to offer. This is a removable device, which makes eating and teeth cleaning a whole lot less trouble. Two clear plastic, spring-loaded aligner bars fit over the front teeth, one behind and one in front, and use gentle pressure to align teeth in as little as six weeks. This device works very well for crowded or protruding front teeth.

Having straighter teeth looks much nicer than having wonky ones, but there are also important physical and emotional benefits to braces in Farnham, as well as the more obvious social ones. Straighter teeth last longer, being less prone to decay and gum disease or crumbling away from too much pressure.