Sidings: Problems and Their Solutions

A house's siding being repairedSidings add protection to the exteriors of a home. As a result, they can add to the value of the house. Some companies in Utah install sidings to also add to a house’s aesthetic appeal. These are some problems in sidings and their solutions.

Exposure to water

With constant exposure to rain or moisture, sidings can discolor. More so, streaking patterns may be found as a result of water running through the siding. The siding may rot too with such exposure. To detect if these problems occur, check for a musty smell coming from the siding. This may indicate that molds are growing. To solve this, sidings are waterproofed to prevent water or moisture from seeping in.


Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may bring about fading or discoloration. This may also lead to cracking. As a solution, regularly paint the siding to give added protection.

Improper installation

When sidings are installed the wrong way, buckling may happen when sidings bend under pressure. As a solution, monitor the siding by checking how tightly affixed it is to the exterior walls of the house. For wood, on the one hand, sidings must be very tightly affixed to the exterior such that there is no movement. On the other hand, vinyl sidings should move slightly when there is pressure.

Insect Infestation

Most termites eat dead wood. They are very difficult to handle. As a solution, always inspect wood for cracked paint, bubbling paint or frass. Also, be wary of discarded termite wings for these indicates their presence in the home.

Most homeowners emphasize finding just the right sidings not only because of the extra protection but also of the charm it brings to the house. Sidings, when properly applied, can also add vertical or horizontal illusion to a structure, making the house wider or taller than it is. Be it neutral, bold, or natural, any color of the siding chosen by the homeowner can make the house very pleasant. Sometimes, even the most subtle designs can bring a powerful effect.