Nutrition Therapy: A Guide on when to Use It and How It Works


nutritionThe body needs the proper balance to attain its full capacity and function. Usually, the balance is altered by the nutrition. Any trained and experienced dietary therapist in London will tell you that nutritional therapy is basically all about correcting the body’s imbalances through proper diet and nutrition.

Experts tell their patients that food components and nutrients greatly influence the body’s functions, protect it from disease, restore health and determine its responses to changes in the environment. According to nutrition company Tea & Mae, “Nutritional therapy redresses this situation by detoxifying the body, determining what it needs and nourishing it accordingly.”

When Is Nutritional Therapy Used?

Nutritional therapy is used on people whose diet is a serious factor for the diseases they are suffering from. Dietary chemicals commonly act indirectly or directly on any human genome, thus altering the gene structure. Diet influences the link between sick and healthy states of a person’s genetic pattern.

Some genes that are diet-regulated play a role in the incidence, onset, progression, and degree of severity in most chronic diseases. Thus, correct diet based on the nutritional status and requirement and personalised nutrition can be successfully applied to prevent, control, or even cure such chronic diseases.

How Does It Work?

The process applies nutrition science to promote health, peak body performance, and individual care. Nutritional Therapists have numerous tools at their disposal for assessing and identifying imbalances and how these are likely to influence a human being’s symptoms and health issues.

They treat individuals on a case-to-case basis addressing their nutritional imbalance problems individually to maintain good health. Nutritional therapy considers each individual as a unique identity and recommends customised nutrition and lifestyle programs rather than a one-shot method.

This is always sought after when the patient starts showing “red flag” symptoms, which requires immediate medical attention. In fact, nutritional therapists work in tandem with medical professionals and communicate with healthcare experts who are responsible for the patient’s overall care.

Health is wealth. Nutritional therapy works on the principle of correcting nutritional imbalances in the body that may cause various ailments. It works towards filling in the gaps that may be corrected through a proper diet and nutrition. Such therapy is being widely used to treat a number of diseases like cancer, diabetes and hypertension worldwide.

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