SEO Myths That Need Debunking


seoAs technology continues to evolve, many businesses today make use of the Internet for their transactions. Because of the rise in the number of websites being launched regularly, the need to understand how sites can be optimized for various search engines has also become popular. Unfortunately, not all tips available online are factual.

SEO Myths You Might Still Be Doing

San Diego is considered to be one of the most popular places for finding a reliable SEO company. Companies like future – ink web design and development agree that there are a number of myths about search engine optimization that needs to be cleared out. Here are some of them:

• A website is all you need

Although having a website is a must to achieve online success, it is not something you just setup and leave on its own. Make sure you constantly update its content. The design would also need to be user friendly to prevent a high bounce rate.

• You just need to be active in various social media networks

Sure, sharing links via Facebook or Twitter can increase traffic to your site; however, there is a probability that search engines like Google would not take that into consideration when positioning your site, as Google does not have access to traffic data from the two. What most SEO professionals recommend is combining the use of social media platforms with other link building strategies.

• Focus more on Content Marketing

Just like the use of social media, Content Marketing is not the be-all, end-all of link building. Keep in mind that Content Marketing only works if you are able to churn quality and unique content.

• There is no need for Press Releases

If you are using Press Releases as a way to increase inbound links, then this could be true. But, if your aim is to make the different services you offer known, then Press Release could work for you.

• Invest only in Follow Links

While no-follow links do not pass on PageRank to sites they are pointing to, this does not mean they do not have any value. In truth, this makes all your other links appear natural.

When planning an effective online campaign, consult SEO experts to help you design the right marketing strategies for your business.

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