The Next Target: Why Your Business May Attract Burglars

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digi lockIt’s no secret that theft, vandalism, and robbery are common today. These can hurt all types of businesses and may even cause bankruptcy.

In 2010, according to FBI statistics, there are nearly 10,000,000 property crimes in the United States. With numbers like this, it’s best to take precautions. This article outlines the mistakes business owners make that attract theft and how you can avoid them.

You Don’t Have Security Safes

A common mistake by most business owners is not hiding money, documents, and other valuables. Theft by employees is a common crime in today’s security-conscious business environment. One way to prevent or stop employee theft is to buy high security safes. With all the possible disasters, such as flood, robbery or fire, it’s highly important to keep valuables as safe as possible.

No Security Cameras

Once you’ve become a victim of theft, it may happen again. Most burglars target restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations. They can get away stealing a small amount and come back to take more. This is the reason you should install CCTV cameras to monitor exits, entrances, and cash-handling areas.

As industry expert My Locksmith puts it: “Business owners are often short on time, but those businesses still need to create duplicate keys, change locks, or enhance security for their buildings.” Keep in mind that experienced thieves have the patience to wait when you all leave for the day.

Dark Parking Lot

Many parking spaces are over lit while some areas were left too dark. Sometimes, the place we use every day is the most dangerous location. Most burglars hide from bushes, secluded alleys, and parked vehicles. To reduce your customers’ risks of becoming a victim of theft or robbery, it’s best to eliminate places to hide. It’s also a good idea to maintain good lighting not only inside your store but also outside.

Apart from implementing safety measures, a smart business owner should learn how to prevent crimes. You are responsible not only for your own safety, but also for your employees and customers.

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