Cloud Server Hosting-Putting Your Business Through The Cloud!

cloud server

cloud serverIf you run a business that, like most everyone else today, has a growing presence in the digital sphere, then you would have certainly heard of web hosting using cloud servers, particularly, the managed ones.

When you hire a managed cloud server hosting firm, what you are essentially getting is dedicated hosting. Moreover, you need not worry about the costs involved in getting a physical server when subscribing to such a service. In fact, the managed cloud server hosting presents several distinct advantages to users across the globe by virtue of its outstanding features.

Features of Cloud Server Hosting says cloud server hosting comes with the following features:

– A choice between leading operating systems such as Windows and Linux
– 99.9% server availability
– Ability to scale the server resources up or down based on your requirements
– High speed internet connection
– Association with services such as firewalling, monitoring and patching of the operating system
– Data backup and recovery services
– 24×7 customer support (in most cases)

Further, some of the firms that manage cloud server hosting requirements l also offer you a resilient internet connection and can give you flexibility where the bandwidth allowance for data transfers is concerned.

Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting

Given these features, it is but obvious that managed cloud server hosting offers plenty of advantages. Succinctly put, cloud server hosting is…

– Quickly Scalable: you can add or subtract resources as and when you need. This will allow you to pay only for as much resources as you need; nothing more and nothing less.

– Highly Reliable: Since the cloud servers are not dependent on any hardware or software, their non-availability rates due to hardware or software problems is as good as negated.

– Fully Managed: With managed cloud server hosting, you can expect your operating system to be monitored and patched round the clock. You will also receive 24×7 technical support, firewall services and security to take care of all business data you store on cloud.

– Flexible: Since most cloud server hosting firms offer a choice in operating systems, it does not matter which platform you develop in, be it Microsoft SQL, Apache, ASP.NET or MySQL.

The essence of all these benefits is that managed cloud server hosting is more economical and faster—two important advantages that by themselves should be enough to propel you towards operating business using cloud server hosting.

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