New Couple Problems: Is it Time to Buy a House?

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Buying a House in UtahPart of you and your partner starting a life together is looking at possible homes to call your own. The time is right if you’re both with well-paying jobs or businesses. However, there are key questions you have to ask yourself to know if you have what it takes to be a homeowner.

What Are Your Future Plans?

Choosing to get a starter home while there’s only the two of you is practical. As newbie home buyers, it’s best you keep your first acquisition for a few years. Being clear on how long you plan to stay and how many children you’ll be having within a few years will give you a better picture of what house you’d best purchase.

How Big Should You Get?

There’s the choice between the “forever” home and the starter house. It’s more practical to buy a small house first, then transfer to a larger house later. But don’t go too small that new additions to the family become problematic. Going for the middle ground is good, since it gives you room to adjust or even renovate in the future.

Can You Really Afford It?

Having your own house entails payments aside from the mortgage. There’s the upkeep and repairs, the taxes and the fees. The good news is there are a number of well-established mortgage companies in Utah that can assist you. Altius Mortgage says the best mortgage rates are yours with the help of loan officers. However, remember to keep enough of your salary for other needs such as food, transportation, utilities, and savings.

Answering these questions will show you a better picture of your capacity and mindset as a homeowner. Once you’ve answered them together with your partner, you can start your search for a house.