Reasons Your Dog Wanders and How You Can Rest Easy

Dog Wanders

Dog WandersImagine jogging through the woods with your two-year-old Lab. It feels like any normal Saturday outdoors, with the sun setting nicely over the hill you frequent with your dog. That is, until she wanders off and doesn’t back come back for days.

Panic – that’s what you’ll feel. Because she’s never done it before, and you have no idea what might have triggered her sudden leaving.

Roaming dogs are actually not as rare as you think. This is why GPS tracking dog collars are available, says to secure the safety of dogs, as well as ease the panic of their owners.

There are many possible reasons behind your Lab running off. Here are some of the most common:

Reproductive drive

Roaming is a great way to hook up with another dog. If your dog is not spayed or neutered, he or she may look for a mate. Sexual hormones are strong stimuli that force dogs to find a way to get out of confinement. Male dogs search for females in heat, while females in heat roam to “put themselves out there.”

Predatory drive

A dog’s natural predatory drive can be so strong it’s almost a magnetic force that draws them away from their homes. They seek rewards by seeking the thrill and victory of hunting other animals.

Social needs

Some dogs have secondary homes, like wolves. Unless you put them on a leash or physically restrain them, they will wander over to that secondary home from time to time. It could be a neighbor’s home, or that of a complete stranger. It can happen anytime of the day, too, whether on a mid-morning walk or an afternoon in the woods.


People leave their dogs on a leash or wandering in the yard. A curious and active dog in a cramped space is an instant candidate for escape, and thus, panic.

Some owners are okay with the occasional MIA. But if you don’t want your dog to run off and leave you in a spiral of anxiety, add extra security in your fencing and better yet, attach a GPS tracker in their collar. So that when you’re on your usual Saturday walk, you can feel safe and assured they won’t get too far.