Making a New Relationship Work After a Divorce

Woman on an outdoor date

Woman on an outdoor dateNew relationships are hard when you have just had a divorce. However, it is a way to move forward, and if you find happiness in someone new, why would you want to stop it? For some, this can be easy, while for others it can be a hurdle. Things do not get easier if you have a child from your previous marriage.

Here is how to work things out in your new relationship:

Ask Children to be Respectful

Family law attorneys in Denver such as The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. can help you get favorable terms for your child’s custody, but that does not mean that all your decisions will revolve around your child. There is a way to care for your child while still keeping a new relationship.

This will require talking to your children and reminding them that you are not replacing them. Tell them that you divorced their other parent, not them.

Ask Your Current Partner for Understanding

Things can get complicated if your current partner has no child of their own or if they have not been married before. They might see things differently, which means you need to talk to them about your ex-partner and ask that they understand the situation.

If you are co-parenting a child, your ex-partner will be present in the child’s life (and by extension, your life). This might make your current partner feel threatened, but that is something for you to help them get over.

Ask Your Ex-Partner to be Open-minded

Your ex-partner may think they have a say in what you do with your current partner, simply because it involves your child. It is up to you to draw the line between respecting your child’s feelings and letting your ex-partner dictate your life.

When it comes to your past relationship and present one, it should be clear who is more important without compromising your child in the process.

Starting a new relationship is always hard because you have to figure out a new territory. It can be more complicated if you are coming from a divorce, but you can learn to make things work.