Eating Disorders: The Hard Truth

a woman suffering through an eating disorderDo you often eat alone, and in very large quantities? Do you hide empty food containers while feeling guilty of eating what was in them? This could be binge eating disorder symptoms. And how it affects the body differs from person to person just like any other eating disorder.

In fact, you don’t even have to binge to be obese. Eating right and keeping a healthy lifestyle is difficult for many people and there are always underlying causes behind it.


Synonymous with having a lack of confidence, insecurity can affect everyone on different levels. You may be insecure about how well you do a task at work. Or how you look compared to your friends. Or how you please your parents compared to your siblings.

If actions that cause this feeling consistently attack a person, they may look to food for comfort.


There are many different signs of depression and looking into the history of a person will help to figure out if he’s depressed or not. These people may show total disinterest or be overly interested in daily activities.

Symptoms are always extreme and never in between, and they may binge eat or not eat at all to cope with how they’re feeling.


Relationships that ended without closure, holding a grudge against someone who’s wronged you, or not being able to do what you really want can make a person cultivate anger for a long time.

Usually, the feeling of hopelessness accompanies anger and pushes a person to deal with it by binging or avoiding food.

Making someone feel that they matter and letting them know that they are appreciated are some ways of getting to the root of the problem. Sometimes eating disorders may go undetected. That’s why having genuine concern and thoughtfulness for others is very important.

If you have loved ones who are going through this, don’t ever hesitate to ask for help.