Going Through Divorce? Avoid These Social Media Behaviors

ocial Media button on a keyboard with speech bubbles.While social media sites do a wonderful job in connecting people, many don’t realize that posting almost anything about their life is not necessary. This is particularly applicable when you’re feeling extremely angry or in the process of a divorce settlement. In fact, divorce attorneys discourage the use of such sites, as your posts or comments may affect how the settlement will turn out.

If you can’t completely avoid social media during settlement, it’s better not to post anything about divorce. Summit County divorce lawyers also suggest avoiding the following behaviors:

  • Bash or insult your ex. Your ex-spouse may have hurt you, but you should never post derogatory or mean remarks about them. Doing so can create more tension between you and your partner, as well as friends and families involved in the process. This can also be hurtful for the kids who might read your posts.
  • Brag about your new (single) life. You’re heartbroken, so it is understandable that you want a retail therapy session or have fun to somehow feel good. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but you don’t have to post every single purchase you make or brag about your latest vacation. Note that social media posts can be used as evidence in a settlement.
  • Flaunt a new romance. If you happen to be dating someone else, it’s better not to post new status and photos of your date. You should also avoid writing captions that can make your ex-spouse feel angry or jealous. Posting inappropriate statuses or comments could work against your favor and make you look unfit or irresponsible as a parent.
  • Spy on your ex. During the settlement, it’s normal to wonder how your ex is doing. This is why you may want to look through their Instagram posts and find out about their new friends on Facebook. Spying on your ex can only make it hard for you to move on. It can keep you in the past and prevent you from starting a new life.

Don’t make divorce more complicated than it really is. It is better to avoid using social media for a while until the process is over. You should work with a reliable divorce attorney to guide you during the settlement.