How to Create a Tuscan-Inspired Garden

Tuscan-Inspired Garden matched by a green lawnA Tuscan-style garden mixes simple plants like rosemary, lavender, bold flowers, natural stone, and greenery with more lavish elements like a fountain right smack in the middle of the garden and some elaborate Italian planters sprinkled about. If you want to feel like you’re in Tuscany even if you’re 5,000 miles away, below are tips and tricks to transform your backyard Tuscan-style.

Refrain from using pastel or pale hues.

These colors would appear washed out under the glaring sun. Opt for brighter hues such as yellow, hot pink, orange, and red for more contrast.

Use ornamental grasses.

This type of grasses could add a modern feel to the traditional Tuscan garden. This would lend a flowing, bold, yet soft element into your overall landscaping.

Avoid using rock, concrete, or gravel.

Stick to warmer stone colors such as gold granite, cobble, or decomposed granite. Anything that’s warm and earthy like buff, beige, warm brown, or rusty orange would be great options.

Be bold.

Consider switching your high-maintenance lawn to a more colorful yet subdued Tuscan-inspired landscape. Take note that an established landscape needs less water when compared to a lawn and is easier to care for.

Opt for traditional Tuscan plants.

Examples are grape vines, bay trees, and olive trees as well as herbs like sage and lavender. Aside from lending that Tuscan sensory experience with their sweet fragrance, these are also very useful in your kitchen.

It’s likewise vital to note that you might need to modify your new planting beds with compost, at least two inches, to give them a nice start. This is because even if Tuscan plants are tolerant to some drought, they require ample water and compost, especially when they’re first planted.

Lastly, if you can’t or it’s too difficult to grow Tuscan plants in your region, opt for native plants that speak to you of Tuscany because you’ll be able to grow them and care for them more easily. Once you’ve managed to put everything together, you’ll really feel that “under the Tuscan sun” feeling you’re looking for.