The Summer Heat is Harsh on Your Lawn, Too

a well-kept lawn ornamenting a house

You’re wearing your most comfortable clothes and minimizing outdoor engagements as much as possible. Indoors, the air conditioning system is your best friend. You’ve also mastered a couple of recipes for summer drinks because you’ve been making them often.

You may be forgetting one thing — your lawn needs attention, too. They are not immune to the heat, and they get more of it than you. Here are some care tips for your lawn:

Inspect Your Sprinkler System for Problems

There may be a bent spigot or a leak in the sprinkler system that causes one area to receive too much water while another area does not get enough. Instead of extending the time you turn on your sprinkler system to compensate for the dry areas, hand water these patches and save the rest of your lawn from drowning in too much water. says that you also need to look for sprinkler repair companies soon, so you can go back to using the system efficiently.

Water the Lawn when the Sun Is Low

The general rule is not to water the lawn when the sun is high up in the sky because most of the water will only be lost to evaporation. This means you’re using water, but your plants are not taking full advantage of it. You also have to check if your neighborhood has rules on watering using culinary or drinkable water. St. George, Cedar City, and Enoch are some examples of cities with such restriction.

Do Not Over Water

If you notice brown patches of grass, the easy assumption is that the lawn needs more water because the grass is dry. However, certain pests may also cause the brown patches. Check that you don’t have a big problem that you’re trying to solve the wrong way.

When you’re suffering from the intense heat in Utah, it’s understandable that you forget about other things that might need your attention. If you want your lawn to remain healthy, however, you need to act.