Here Are 5 People Who Should Be Able to Do CPR

First-aid trainingHave encountered scenes in movies or in real life wherein a person attempts to revive someone who’s unresponsive? They can do this by putting their hands on the person’s chest while they give air through mouth-to-mouth contact.

Called cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), this is an emergency technique used on unconscious people to restore their blood circulation and breathing. CPR is just one of the things taught in basic life support and first aid classes, but who exactly can do CPR? Leo Life Saving Skills tells us more.


Whether it’s CPR training in West Palm Beach or elsewhere, scouts undergo first-aid training to know what to do in case of outdoor camping emergencies.


The role of paramedics is to respond quickly to emergencies and stabilize the patients before getting them to a hospital. It is important for paramedics to know how to bandage wounds, calm the injured and resuscitate unconscious individuals through CPR.


Soldiers risk getting injured in the thick of battle. This is why they undergo endurance training as well as workouts to increase their strength. Some soldiers train to be medics as well, so they can do first-aid treatment to injured comrades.


Lifeguards watch over pools and beaches in the unfortunate event a swimmer drowns. Once they get alerted to such a situation, lifeguards carry the swimmers back to safety. Usually, they have to perform CPR to get the water out of the swimmer’s lungs so they could breathe again.


Different professions can do first aid and CPR. However, you can benefit from it as well. First-aid training might help you save your child’s life. Basic life support and first aid are some of the lessons in life worth learning.