The Tools Professionals Use to Unclog Drains

a plumber workingFor a long time, the most significant problem affecting underground sewer lines was tree roots. To unclog these lines, a rooter machine was used; it was moved along the pipes, run by a motor on wheels to clear the clogs. It formed the foundation of modern day plumbing.

Nowadays, a rooter service in Salt Lake City will not just address underground sewer lines. The term covers any plumbing needs, services and tools used to clear drain clogs. There are several tools that plumbers use, including the following:

Toilet augers

A toilet auger, also known as a snake, is used in cases where a plunger does not get the job done. The drill is inserted into the toilet pipes and pushed to tug at the clog. Toilet augers get rid of hair, food debris, oil and grease from piping.

Air blasters

An air blaster is a handheld device that works under pressure to force clogs to let loose. Air under pressure is pushed along the piping causing clogs to create openings. An air blaster, however, is limited. It only works for short pipes. It is the safest way to handle blockages in sensitive piping.

Water jetters

A water jetter resembles an air blaster. However, instead of pressurized air, it uses stream under high pressure to remove stubborn clogs like grime off pipes. The cutter is connected to a high-pressure pump, and the plumber points the water jet into target pipes.

In some cases, a plumbing problem may warrant a combination of pipe unclogging techniques. For example, a plumber might first use a toilet auger and then follow up with a water jetter if the clog proves stubborn. As a rule of thumb, call your plumber when you first notice signs of clogging such as water leakages. Clogs are not just inconveniences; they are also health risks since they can cause bacteria to build up.