From Drab to Fab: Choosing the Perfect Hat for You

hatsHats have been among the essential elements of fashion. They can change how an entire outfit looks. But, not all hats can work for just about anyone. If you want to know which type will go well with your outfit of the day, keep a few things in mind.

Be Mindful of Color Matching

It is also important to match your hat with what you are wearing and where you would be heading. For example, Brixton hats UK are typically used when going to races, as they provide the right shade without obscuring your view. Your makeup should also complement the color of your hat. Nude makeup typically goes well with skin-toned hats.

Know the Different Types of Hat

One of the most common kinds of hats among men is the fedora hat. Apart from exuding masculinity, fedora hats tend to match any kind of fashion style – from the rugged to the classic suit. On the other hand, women tend to prefer straw hats, especially during the summer months. Straw hats exude a playful nature. For those who would like a touch of elegance, the bowler hat is the most preferred choice.

Assess Your Natural Appearance

Take time to examine how you look like without any accessories or makeup. Note which part of your face you could consider your asset. Determine your face shape and its proportion to your head and the rest of your body. If you think you have a more prominent head, you might want to wear tighter hats to give the appearance of a smaller head. If you have a smaller head compared to the rest of your body, putting on a wide-brimmed hat might make everything more proportional.

No matter what style of hat you choose, make sure it matches your wardrobe and rests comfortably on the head.

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