4 Ways for the Whole Family to Have Fun in the Snow

Family having fun in winterThe winter season truly brings a lot of fun for both kids and adults. Though the cold can sometimes make you want to just cuddle up in your sheets and sleep in, you know that the kids will want to play at first sight of snow.

If they want to learn how to ski, there are hotels and resorts in Galena, IL, like Chestnut Mountain Resort, that have ski programs for kids. Or if they want to stay close to home, making a family of snow angels can be just as fun.

Here are more snow activities you and your whole family can enjoy.

1. Create a Snowman Scenes

Gather sticks, stones, old buttons, or even a carrot and start building snowman scenes in the snow. Create a whole family or even an entire neighborhood of snowmen.

2. Have a Good Ol’ Snowball Fight

The first step here would be to build your own snow fort. While your building that, have another team member make your snowball-ammo. When both parties are ready, make snowballs rain on each other’s forts.

3. Make Colorful Snow Art

Mix water and food coloring in empty water bottles. Punch a hole in the cover and painting the snow like it was your canvass. Your only limit here would be your imagination.

4. Go Sledding

Whether it’s a piece of cardboard, a sheet of plywood, or an inflatable toy, sliding down those snow slopes in your backyard is always fun. Just remember not to sled with sharp objects.

After all that fun in the snow, don’t forget to warm everyone up with blankets, cups of hot chocolate, and some family time in front of the fireplace. You can ask everyone to share their most fun memories of the day while roasting marshmallows or making smores.

You don’t always have to stay indoors in the winter. But if you do have fun in the snow, remember to keep the kids safe and warm after.