4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Child Custody Case

A child custody document A child custody case can be very stressful. However, you cannot let emotions get in the way since they could lead you to make mistakes that could cost you the case. The Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer shares some advice on the things you should not do while your case is ongoing:

Refuse to cooperate with the other parent

Any attempt to frustrate the other parent and behave in a way that is seemingly rebellious can cost you the case. Both parents should be able to communicate and be on their best behavior for the sake of the children. The court could interpret anything contrary to this as a personal vendetta. This could mean that you do not have the children’s best interest at heart.

Turn your children against the other parent

Being rude or bad-mouthing the other parent to the children can be a grave mistake. It can be about how irresponsible your ex-spouse was or how he or she cheated on you. It is worth noting that this error has cost a lot of parents their custody cases. You should understand that negative statements would not do your children any good.

Avoid representation

A child custody case can be costly. However, you should know that the litigation could be complicated. It has so many laws and processes involved and missing any of them can give you negative results. It is, therefore, necessary that you hire the services of an experienced attorney.

Violate court orders

Any disobedience or violation of a court order will not be taken politely by the presiding judge. It is considered as a sign of disrespect and undermining the judge’s expertise, even in situations when you feel like you need to act in the best interest of your kids, always consult with your attorney first before you violate any order.

As much as the custody litigation is stressful, you should keep in mind that any action during or outside the legal proceeding has a direct impact on your case. By avoiding the above mistakes, you will boost your chances of having a positive verdict.