4 Key Reminders on Dealing with Car Accidents

Two Cars Involved in Accident

Two Cars Involved in AccidentPeople usually get anxious whenever they get involved in a car accident. Some are even furious towards the other drivers. While these initial reactions are somehow understandable, don’t let rage get in the way. This will only make things worse. Do your best to control your temper.

Here are a few reminders on how to deal with these unfortunate incidents:

1. Calm Down Before Getting Out of the Vehicle

Regardless of who’s at fault, never get out of the car with a hot temper. Aggressiveness can only lead to violence. There is no point arguing with other drivers. The best thing you can do is wait for the authorities and exchange information with the people involved in the accident. Be sure to get their names, contact details, and insurance provider.

2. Stay at the Scene

Even if you think there are no casualties, leaving the scene is not acceptable. Wait for the authorities to dismiss you. Responding officers need to file a police report regarding the incident. Once you leave the scene without getting cleared, you can be penalized with hit-and-run violation. In addition, make sure you get a copy of the incident report.

3. Contact Your Lawyer

The authorities may need to ask you some questions needed for their report. As much as possible, do not apologize or admit anything. Sometimes, people get careless with their words and blame themselves for what happened. Feldman & Lee PS suggests that you contact your car crash attorney in Kent right away. If you’re not sure about your statements, tell them you need to talk to your lawyer.

4. Gather Some Evidence

Take photos of the damages and injuries incurred during the accident. If you notice any obstruction or road signs, get a clear picture, as well. You should also get statements from the witnesses. Ask permission if you can record them.

Following the tips above should point you in the right direction. Again, keep calm and have presence of mind.