Your Next Travelling Adventure? Make it Taiwan

Travelling Adventure

Want to try some stinky tofu? This is one of the best places to find it, abd you will also find other things to do while you’re there. If you love night markets, stinky tofu, and enjoy travelling, Taiwan is the place to be.

Here’s a quick rundown of the fun-tastic things to do in Taipei, including visiting night markets and hunting down the famous stinky tofu. Buckle up as we give you quick virtual tour of this wonderful city.

Unique Food

One of the most popular food items to try when in Taipei is their famous stinky tofu. Head over to the Roahe Night Market and you’ll get a whiff of that smell that will lead you right to where it’s being served. Follow your nose, and you likely won’t need a map for it. According to stinky tofu experts, the smellier it is, the more flavourful it is. There are plenty of ways to cook it, too – it can be steamed, boiled, fried, and grilled. You can find this snack at food stalls on the side of the road, or at one of the many night markets, but don’t expect to find it in malls. Many consider this Taiwanese “blue cheese” as the national snack of Taiwan. A word of caution, though: it’s not for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try, if only to see what all the fuss is about, and so you can decide for yourself if it’s for you. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked on this fragrant delicacy.

Great City

There are plenty of beautiful sites to see in Taiwan. The city itself is a destination on its own: it’s clean, the people are polite, the transportation system is spot on, and they even make concessions for pets. You can step into a 24-hour convenience store and find pet food in there. They even let pet owners tag their furry friends along, and pets are typically allowed inside the store. The city lifestyle is fast paced but also has a surprisingly calm ambience. You’ll never see anyone hurrying along trying to catch a bus or the tram. And if you love to explore a place on foot, this city is the perfect place to do it. The streets are well-lit and you get an overall sense of safety, so it’s great to wander about on foot even at 7 or 8pm.

Fancy seeing the city from above? Head over to Taipei 101, to the observatory deck, and get to see Taiwan from a bird’s eye view. It’s a sight to behold and perhaps one of the best ways to see the city. Enjoy panoramic views of the city, and since they’re open until 10pm, you can take a late afternoon tour to see sunset and watch the city come alive with its twinkling lights, a mesmerizing thing to watch.

Perfect Relaxation

Cap the day off with a relaxing evening at a hot spring spa. There are excellent spa resorts within city limits and many are open until late, so you can head over there and give your tired legs, back, and feet a relaxing treat as you enjoy a warm soak in a tub filled with warm spring water, heated to the perfect temperature for some relaxing tub time. As the water is unfiltered, it still contains all the natural minerals that are good for the skin and the hair. You’ll feel completely rejuvenated afterwards, ready to take on another day of exploring and sightseeing. Most spa treatments runs for two hours and some have separate rooms for males and females, as well as couple’s rooms. You can surely find the perfect spa package to complete your travel to-do list, whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, family, or your significant other.

There is more to Taiwan than the popular stinky tofu, although that alone is a good enough reason to visit the country and see for yourself what the craze is about. Overall, Taiwan is a nice country to visit with warm and friendly people, beautiful and clean surroundings, top notch public transportation system that’s tourist-friendly, and awesome destinations that bring nature to the city.