You Have no Idea These 6 Celebrities Have Dental Implants!

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas CageThe idea of dental implants in Murray makes most people uncomfortable. The procedure sounds painful, and nobody under the age of eighty thinks getting false teeth is appealing.

Before you write off dental implants Murray dentists have to offer as something you’ll save for when you’re bouncing grandkids on your knee, check out these six celebrities who owe their stunning smiles to cosmetic dentistry.

1. Taylor Hicks

American Idol’s Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks got his two front teeth knocked out in a high school basketball game. As a result of the incident, he got dental implants to fill in the gap, and started to consider a singing career instead of pursuing sports.

2. Steven Tyler

Rocker Steven Tyler’s distinctive look wouldn’t be complete without his huge smile, so you can imagine how dismayed he was when he fell in the shower and lost two teeth just before an Aerosmith concert in 2011! Fortunately, a Paraguayan dentist was able to replace the missing teeth with implants, and the singer didn’t have to miss a thing.

3. Christie Brinkley

With her radiant smile, it’s no wonder that supermodel Christie Brinkley inspired Billy Joel to write the hit song “Uptown Girl”. After a horrific helicopter accident in 1994, however, two of her molars were broken and needed extraction. Brinkley then had these teeth replaced with implants, and continued to smile with confidence.

4. Donatella Versace

Yes, that Donatella Versace. She’s a style icon and one of the most powerful names in fashion. Though she’s come under fire for being a bit heavy-handed with the Botox, nobody can fault her dental work. Her teeth are flawless, and nobody can tell which ones are implants.

5. Nicolas Cage

His dedication to acting makes Nicolas Cage a true national treasure. He actually had two teeth pulled out for his role as a Vietnam War veteran in the 1984 movie “Birdy”! When his career took off, he opted to use cosmetic dentistry to make his smile star-worthy, and this included getting dental implants.

6. Ed Helms

Remember how Ed Helms’ character lost his tooth the 2009 comedy “The Hangover”? That wasn’t special effects: he’s actually missing a tooth! He’s had the implant since he was 16, and was able to have its crown removed when the movie’s plot called for it. Talk about a lucky break!

Keep these names in mind when you’re considering dental implants in Murray!

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