Why You Should Change Careers Even If You Don’t Want To

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We all do things that are bad for us. We eat junk food, sleep late, and refuse to work out for a variety of reasons. But we love doing these things anyway because they make us feel good. Finishing a TV series we’re obsessing over feels like a fulfillment. Eating a bar of candy pumps up our adrenaline. We don’t necessarily have good reasons for not working out, but that only proves that we do things that we want regardless of the consequences. This applies to changes in careers, too. We might feel that we are on the right path, but when was the last time we actually evaluated our careers? How sure are we that we’re doing ourselves right?

Comfort Zones

People take comfort in anything they can cling to. It’s the same thing you do when you’re looking for a new dentist or even a brain injury attorney. You hire people you’re comfortable with. You stay in a relationship because it feels right, and not because you are in love with the person. For years, you stayed in the same job because you know it inside and out. It has become your comfort zone.

But what you’re doing is merely coasting. In a couple of years, that will become a problem. Coasting allows you to stay in a place that is familiar to you, but it doesn’t make you grow. It doesn’t maximize your potentials. The longer you stay in your comfort zone, the more you are losing. While others are seeking better opportunities that should be yours, you’re staying in one place and avoiding potentials for growth.

Soon, you’ll find yourself growing bored with what you do. It’s the same thing every day. You can even do your job while your eyes are closed. It’ll burn you out. So, act now before it’s too late. Find a better career that will challenge you. Or at the very least, seek a higher position with more responsibilities in your current company.

Losing Money

Technically, you are losing money by staying in your job for years. You start with a base salary five years ago. Your annual increase will be based on that salary. If you ask some co-workers, you’ll be surprised that a lot of them are earning the same as you simply because they get hired years after you. Even after investing so much time in your current job, your value is the same as others who just got there. How will that make you feel?

If you switch jobs now, you can ask for higher pay. And if the negotiation doesn’t work out, you can still keep your current post while looking for more opportunities. You can also raise the subject of your salary within your current organization. Ask your boss for a raise. Many companies are willing to negotiate with their current employees since recruiting people tend to be more expensive.


Even amidst an unstable economy like today, you can still find better opportunities for your skills. Many companies are looking to downsize their teams, which means they are looking for people who can do more than their present employees. If you’re a great multi-tasker, you’ll be a strong fit for companies who need to retrench some workers. If you can write, edit, and proofread, then publishing companies might be on the lookout for you.

Companies have evolved over the years. They are now looking for people outside the qualifying metrics. They know times have changed. A resume is merely an outline. What matters is what prospective employees can do for the company, regardless of their academic backgrounds.


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The best time to look for a new career is when you aren’t feeling pressured to find another job. When you feel pressured to find a job quickly, you tend to settle for the first one that offers you a contract. You will likely accept mediocre offers that don’t represent your true value.

It’s important to switch careers when you need a change. You get more control over your choices. You can choose roles that challenge you rather than the first one that will pay you the money you want. Think of it as an investment in your future. You can adapt more to changes when you are willing to change yourself.


Gratitude-shaming is a thing. It’s when you shame yourself for not appreciating what you have. It’s more or less connected to toxic positivity wherein you try to look for the bright side of things even if you are being abused. When you beat yourself up for not appreciating what you have, you’ll never try to reach for more. You’ll convince yourself to be happy with what you have even though you want something more than it.

But shouldn’t you always be hungry for progress? No one will look after you but yourself. If you believe there are better opportunities for you outside your current job then, by all means, seek those greener pastures.

Do not settle for anything in life, may it be careers or relationships. You deserve much more than you think you do. Continue striving to get the best things. You owe that to yourself.