Why Every Online Retailer Needs to Maximize Their Website Uptime


These days, more people are enticed to do their shopping online. According to statistics, there are more or less 24 million eCommerce websites worldwide. The numbers continue to grow each day. This means that the eCommerce industry is continuously thriving.

If you are new in the world of eCommerce, then one thing you need to learn quickly is that website downtime can negatively impact your business. Many already invested in different tools and systems to ensure their websites are always available and running fast. Most are also taking advantage of an Amazon AWS coupon so that they can enjoy Amazon Web Services at a much attractive rate. But the question is why is there a need to maximize your uptime and reduce the occurrence of website downtime?

Create and maintain a good and lasting impression

All businesses desire to wow their consumers that first time they stumble upon the brand. But since this can be difficult considering there is no physical interaction and face-to-face contact in online stores, eCommerce brands need to be creative. When it comes to online stores, nothing can turn a consumer off faster than by having a messy, slow-loading, and unstable website.

To create a good first impression and maintain your reputation as a reliable and genuine one, it is a must that you ensure your website is up and running at high speed all the time. There is also a need to ensure you have a reliable team your site visitors can rely on in case they need help no matter the time or day.

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Boost sales and revenue

Some consumers don’t have much patience when it comes to waiting for websites to load. According to a study conducted by Dynatrace, even a half a second difference matters. If you want more sales, make the page load faster.

When your website often has downtimes, this can kill your chances of increasing your sales. This is since downtime can affect the online consumer’s experience. They may have already spent their time adding items to their cart. But they can easily abandon their cart, thus reducing your sales. Once your sales get affected, so will your ability to generate revenue.

Stay competitive

Downtime lowers your ability to stay relevant and competitive. Remember that consumers demand quality and convenience. You may offer the cheapest product they need. But they can easily go to another site to purchase what they need if your website takes forever to load.

Online consumers demand speed and most will say three seconds worth of loading time is the equivalent of slow in the digital world.  Why would they wait longer when they can easily search for other sites to buy products from? Even if you offer unique offers, remember that many sites pop each day, and some can already be your next big competitor. For your online store to stay competitive, then work on decreasing your downtimes and make the most out of your uptime.

Website downtime can affect your business in more ways than one. Since first impressions matter, be sure to provide new visitors with a fast and memorable experience. To increase your sales and revenue and stay competitive, make the best use of your uptime, and avoid downtime at all costs.