Together While Apart: Co-Custody of Your Child Within a Crisis

child custody concept

Having to share custody of your child can be a challenge in a normal situation, especially if you are also trying to maintain an amicable relationship with the other parent. Despite your disagreements with each other, you have to find a way to take care of them in the best way that you can. But what if you’re suddenly thrust into a worldwide crisis? What would become of you and your child, and how should you all cope?

Here are some guidelines that you would do well to keep in mind to know how to handle the situation.

Make Rearrangements

Crises can bring some restrictions and changes that will significantly affect how you can follow your custody agreements. With this in mind, you and the other parent should work on how you can adapt to the situation. However, your new arrangements may have some conflict with your current court order. When you’re in doubt, feel free to consult with a child custody lawyer for advice. There are ways of contacting one without having to go out and putting you or your family in danger.

Keep Communication Open

It is a time when parents should be talking with each other more often to discuss new policies. Your surroundings are changing fast, and your child may be put in danger if you don’t keep up with each other. Also, this is a time when you should be creative when it comes to your possible means of communication. Consider new technologies such as video conferencing and virtual experiences in augmenting the lack of physical time together with the child.

Give Some Leeway

Due to the circumstances that both of you cannot control brought about by the crisis, it might become harder to provide for the child. In this case, you should each be able to show some understanding and cut a bit of slack. Think of ways on how you can both make up for whatever you cannot give at the time. Everyone’s suffering in some way due to the crisis, may it be financially, emotionally, or even socially.

Put the Child First

putting the child first

In the end, it’s your child who will experience the effects of your decisions as their parents. It’s even more applicable now that you’re in a crisis. It’s already difficult enough experience for everyone as it is, and you’d rather not make it more complicated. As much as possible, set aside your differences and work together for what would be best for your child. When you’re making new agreements, always consider if it would benefit your kid or not.

Your child’s well-being is the most crucial factor to consider when you’re making adjustments to your co-parenting during a crisis. The two of you may still have some disagreements, but you would have to set it aside for the moment. All the while, you should also be compliant with the law regarding co-parenting your child. It is there to keep matters from going out of hand within your family situation. When you need legal advice, don’t hesitate to consult with a lawyer.