Why Switching to ENERGY STAR Appliances Makes Sense

switch to Energy Star Appliances

You might have seen it when shopping for a new refrigerator, washing machine, even your consumer electronics. You can also encounter it when booting up a computer for the first time. The ENERGY STAR logo is ubiquitous in modern appliances, but what does it mean?

Whether you’re replacing your appliances or, more specifically, upgrading your HVAC unit, any Millcreek plumber will advise to look for the ENERGY STAR label. This is because behind each blue label is a product that is independently certified to provide exceptional quality, superior performance, and long-term savings. These appliances do this by consuming less energy while providing the same amount of work (or even more, in some cases) as previous generations.


ENERGY STAR is an Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program introduced in 1992. This is designed to help consumers determine energy-efficient products that can reduce their utility costs without compromising the features. In 2017 alone, ENERGY STAR-certified units have helped save American families and businesses $30 billion on energy bills. This, in turn, has significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions harmful to the environment, making air quality better and efforts to combat climate change more sustainable.

The Importance of ENERGY STAR Certification

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products can earn the ENERGY STAR mark by adhering to stringent energy efficiency requirements. Each product category has varying specifications, but they are all formed by comparing the features of the product to the minimum efficiency guidelines set by the government. They can provide you with the following advantages:

Energy Savings: Before products receive this label, they must give a considerable decrease in energy consumption within a specified period. Also, they should deliver the features that homeowners and businesses need. ENERGY STAR-certified products are usually 10–20%  more efficient than their non-certified counterparts, which can give you an excellent return on investment over time.

Better Environment: Investing in ENERGY STAR HVAC systems not only increase your cost savings, but it also helps put cleaner air into your lungs. ENERGY STAR products have helped keep over 2.8 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions out of the atmosphere over the last 20 years.

Optimal Comfort: Equipping your home with ENERGY STAR-rated HVAC units will help prevent heat from escaping your home during the cold months and from seeping in during the hot days. This means you don’t have to crank these components as much to enjoy a more comfortable interior. In turn, you can enjoy a more comfortable home throughout the seasons without worrying about skyrocketing bills.

While they might not always be a less expensive choice, they will pay off in the long run as the savings you net will eventually rack up. Some partners even offer rebates for using ENERGY STAR appliances. That said, energy savings, even for ENERGY STAR units, need proper installation and use so you can reap the most rewards from it. When you’re installing a new HVAC unit, work only with a certified HVAC contractor to choose the right product for your needs.