Why People Are Afraid of the Dentist and How to Overcome It

Dental Phobia

A lot of people have this inexplicable fear of dentists, and they do anything just to avoid dental appointments. This could be due to prior terrible experiences, undesirable personalities or an injury from a past dental visit. Most of these anxieties develop during childhood when the body and mind are still learning things and associating feelings with experiences. Accidental scraping or pricking on gums, or pain when getting tooth fillings, for instance, can intensify a person’s fear of the dentist.

This makes the first dental experience you have with your dentist in Townsville extremely important. It plays a huge role in building a trusting relationship between you—the patient—and the dentist. To help you overcome your fear and finally get through a dental appointment, here are a few tips you might want to follow.

Communicate With the Dentist

This is a basic rule whenever patients are anxious about allowing a dentist they have just met to check their teeth and mouth. Keep in mind though that dentists are not mind readers. Therefore, you need to express all your concerns, worries and needs. Having clear views of what is going on in your mind will help your dentist adjust and change his or her approach during your dental consultations and visits.

Fear of Dentists

Establish a ‘Stop’ Sign

When you feel any discomfort or nausea while being treated by a dentist, it can become even more difficult for you. One good idea here is to establish a “stop” sign that you are sure your dentist will understand. This way, you get to have some level of control to stop or pause the procedure whenever you are feeling uncomfortable or need a break.

Ask Questions

For many patients to become comfortable with the dentist, it is advisable to ask questions and learn to trust the dentist. Whatever apprehensions you may have, from simple mouth hygiene to different extensive procedures, an experienced dentist will be able to clarify your thoughts and explain in detail each step in the procedure.

See Your Dentist More Often

Regular dental visits will help you familiarise yourself with the clinic and develop a better rapport with the dentist. The more appointments you make, especially with more positive experiences in each visit, you will begin trusting your dentist more and feel more and more comfortable.

Come Relaxed and Calm

The best time to visit a dentist is during the morning. This is when you feel more relaxed and rested after a good night’s sleep. Avoid scheduling a dental appointment in the afternoon or after a stressful day in the office. Otherwise, you might just cancel it or feel uncomfortable during the procedure.

Most people delay their dental visits as much as possible because of their fear of the dentist. Most of the time, however, all it takes is mind conditioning and preparation. It should not be a struggle to have simple dental procedures. By following these tips to prepare for your next appointment, you will be able to ease your fear and discomfort.