Why a School Close to Home Is a Good Option

A group of young children getting on the schoolbusIn choosing schools, parents consider many factors for their children. Parents look for a school that provides high-quality education. However, they also see the school’s location as a priority.

According to St. Edward Schools, a school shouldn’t be too far that you may risk putting your kids in harm’s way when they go to and come home from school. You would be saving money on gas and transportation while having the peace of mind knowing that you can check on your children.

Adverse Effects of Long Travel Time

Studies show that parents who place more weight on academic gains are likely to compromise the travel time of their children. As a result, longer commuters arrived at school tired and displayed weak performances in their classes.

Long travel time can also expose children to pollution, which in turn may cause adverse effects in the student’s health. Sickness plays a negative role in students’ academic performance and even in their attendance.

Commuting to school also lessens the opportunities for a child to do daily exercises. Students who walk or ride their bikes to schoolshowed increased concentration in class. Making exercise a routine proves to be more efficient than having restricted diets.

Social Development and Building Connections

A child’s distance from the school also directly influences how they interact with classmates and schoolmates. When a school is well-integrated with its neighborhood, a child will likely experience difficulties in socializing and making connections.

Parents may also prevent students from participating in extra-curricular activities held during after school hours. Since they live far from the school’s area, children seldom get permission to join in these activities that couldhelp promote social development, self-esteem, and teamwork.

Choosing a school with a strategic location poses both social and healthful benefits to your children. Being able to walk and bike to school not only lessens their chances of being tardy but also increases their concentration in class. Moreover, studying in an accessible institution helps your child build connections inside and outside the classroom.